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Don’t miss the tax return deadline!

There is less than a month left before you should lodge your tax return if you are opting to do it yourself.

Tax return time can bring many both excitement and dread. Getting some of your hard-earned money back is always welcomed but lodging your tax return can be a task many put off unt…

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5 things to ask your accountant that can help your business save

There is never a wrong time to start asking the right questions to your accountant about how your business can better save.

Whether you have just hired a business accountant, are switching accountants, already have an accountant or are just considering it, there is never a wrong time to start asking th…

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Taxable Payments Annual Report

TPAR is the third party reporting of particular tax related information to the ATO by suppliers of certain services.

Taxable Payments Annual Report Running a successful small business can be an extremely rewarding endeavour. However, it does come with its fair share of challenges. There are s…

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Top tips on the hottest tax deductions

Here are a few different things that are worth claiming in your tax return that you might not know about!

Top tips on the hottest tax deductions One of the best and easiest ways to help with your personal tax return and give it a little boost is to take advantage of all the differe…

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