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About Ascent Accountants

Ascent Accountants is a Certified Practising Accountancy firm dedicated to providing its clients with a full accounting and business management service. Our clientele extends throughout Western Australia and beyond, encompassing small, medium and family owned/operated businesses.

At Ascent Accountants, we combine our technical expertise and our extensive business experience with a dedication and commitment to providing exceptional service. Our experience with clients involves a vast array of differing industries.

We believe there is a strong importance for continual training within our team in the technical and various non-technical areas of business management and accounting, in order to provide a personal and innovative service to our clients. Our investment in our staff is our pledge that by working with Ascent Accountants, you will be investing in your business and financial future.  


Our Vision

Our goal is to build relationships with our clients that is a true partnership built on commitment and mutual trust. One that encompasses all the financial aspects of their lives that not only focuses on the future success of their business, but also includes the necessary planning for all the financial demands of the various stages of their personal lives.

Our strong team is highly trained with up to date technical abilities and business acumen. We have strong relationships with various affiliations that, where necessary, provide advice within their areas of specialty.

Our tailored client service allows us to derive a level and scope of services required and provides transparency regarding the likely costs involved to prevent unexpected surprises. We only make recommendations that provide our clients with an immediate benefit that justifies the expenditure involved.  



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