Superannuation Amnesty: What are your options as an employer?

The superannuation amnesty gives employers the chance to pay any superannuation due. But when do you need to pay by & what if you can’t pay it? Find out…

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Property developers: How do the changes in GST law affect you?

Changes in GST law have made compliance for property developers a little more challenging. Find out what the new laws mean for your business…

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Business owners: Avoid these 4 common business budgeting mistakes that could cost you

Errors in budgeting can cost your business in multiple ways. Avoid these 4 common business budgeting mistakes and steer your company in the right direction…

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7 strategies for growing your super fund

Have you been doing the numbers and panicking a little recently? If your super fund is a little ‘light’ as you start to think ahead to your golden years, you’re not alone.

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Easy, automated receipt processing? There's an app for that!

As much as we hate to admit it, the best business owners and executives can drop the ball on occasion. This is particularly true of the little things, which can be easily overlooked.

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5 ways to hold on to more of your employees for longer

As a business owner, do you or your managers spend a lot of time recruiting, conducting exit interviews, and onboarding new staff?

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10 factors that affect the value of your business

Thinking of selling? Or just curious to know the value of your business in case you do decide to put it on the market at some point? Many business owners are well-wide of the mark when placing a value on their prized asset. They overvalue it and under-prepare for their exit, believing in a huge potential for their business that buyers unfortunately don’t see.

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Everything you need to know about trade marks for your business

Intellectual property. It’s a hot topic. Why? Because, in the globalised and ultra-connected world we live in, the intellectual property (IP) of individuals and businesses is increasingly at risk.

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It Pays Off: 7 reasons business owners should pay themselves a salary

Think back to the days before you started your business, when you were working for a boss. Chances are you were rewarded for your hard work with a regular salary. It may not have always been the same amount, but it came through like clockwork. And for the next week, month or however often you got paid, you’d do your best to make it last.

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