Share investors: Is negative gearing into shares a good idea?

Borrowing to invest in shares is a risky venture where only a few succeed. In this guide discover 3 benefits and 2 risks of negative gearing into shares.

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Small business accounting: 5 common mistakes small businesses make

Small business owners often think the Do-It-Yourself option for their bookkeeping is a cost-saving move, but in the end DIY can be a costly decision.

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5 steps to recession-proof your business

Recessions happen. But as a small business owner there are strategies you can put in place NOW to make your business healthier and more resilient.

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Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney: 10 questions and answers to get yours sorted

Your 10-point guide to getting your will, Enduring Power of Attorney (EPA), Advance Health Directive (ADH or "living will") and other important documents, sorted.

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10 steps to turn LinkedIn into a small business marketing dream

If someone gave you the opportunity to attend a meeting where thousands of your prospects were also present, you’d be silly not to take them up on the offer…right?

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Costing a new business? The 5 key areas you need to include in your calculations…

Setting up a new business? When calculating the cost to set up a company it’s easy to miss important items. Make sure you have these five main areas covered…

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Starting a small business? 4 tips to help new entrepreneurs avoid the mistakes others make…

Starting a new business? Many challenges lie ahead! Follow these tips for entrepreneurs and avoid making the mistakes that other new business owners make…

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Vehicle logbooks: Paper vs Electronic

The pen may be mightier than the sword – but can it beat the smartphone? When it comes to keeping track of vehicle mileage, we think not.

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Small business owners: Three steps to prepare a business budget for the next financial year

You know you need one - but where do you start? These are the three simple steps you need to take to prepare a business budget for the next financial year…

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