Why small businesses are going to the cloud

“The cloud” is a phrase that means something very different these days, due to the increasing use of cloud computing. But what exactly is cloud computing? And is it a good option for small businesses?

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Enjoy the Retirement You Deserve: 7 Common Mistakes to Avoid with Your Money After Retirement

Retirement money mistakes can leave you struggling in the years when you should be enjoying your wealth. Learn the 7 most common mistakes & how to avoid them…

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Is your Christmas party tax deductible and other tax questions for the festive period…

It’s that time of year when small business owners check about parties & Christmas gifts for staff and whether client gifts are tax deductible. Find out here…

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Working on a Business Continuity Plan? 6 Questions You Need to Ask First…

Business continuity planning might be one of the most important moves you make for your business. Get it right by asking these 6 questions before you start…

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Does your small business need to lodge a contractor Taxable Payments Annual Report (TPAR)?

With the recent accounting changes for businesses working with contractors, find out if you need to lodge a taxable payments annual report (TPAR) here…

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Business owners: 4 asset protection tips to prevent financial disaster

As a business owner, your assets are at risk from many unknown circumstances. Be prepared: follow these four tips for asset protection & greater peace of mind…

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Share investors: Is negative gearing into shares a good idea?

Borrowing to invest in shares is a risky venture where only a few succeed. In this guide discover 3 benefits and 2 risks of negative gearing into shares.

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Small business accounting: 5 common mistakes small businesses make

Small business owners often think the Do-It-Yourself option for their bookkeeping is a cost-saving move, but in the end DIY can be a costly decision.

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5 steps to recession-proof your business

Recessions happen. But as a small business owner there are strategies you can put in place NOW to make your business healthier and more resilient.

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