Considering income protection or life insurance? Stepped vs level insurance premiums explained…

Looking at income protection or life insurance? Understand the pros and cons of stepped vs level insurance premiums & save yourself thousands of dollars…

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Are Christmas gifts & parties tax deductible? ATO rules on minor benefits & more explained…

Are parties, Christmas gifts & other minor staff/client benefits tax deductible? Get clear on the ATO rules so you don’t get stung by end-of-year tax returns…

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3 tips for achieving—and not just setting—goals

A: “My goal is for my business to win more new clients.” B: “My goal is for my business to take on 12 new clients by June 30th next year.” Which of the above goals is more likely to be achieved?

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Password manager apps: Why you could be a “hacker’s dream” without one

Cloud computing and web-based apps have undoubtedly improved business efficiency. But once you and your team start using various online apps, one aspect quickly becomes inefficient (not to mention downright annoying): having to repeatedly enter usernames and passwords to log in.

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Buying a rental property in Perth? The negative gearing option explained…

Thinking about buying a rental property in Perth? Have you considered negative gearing? Here’s how it works - then you can decide if it’s a good option for you…

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Small business GST: Who needs to register and how do you do it?

Most Australians know about goods & service tax - but does your business need to register? All you need to know about GST registration & how to go about it…

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5 alternatives to word-of-mouth marketing for small businesses

“I get all my business from word-of-mouth marketing.” “I’m a referral business.” “I don’t have the budget for marketing.” “I’m just too busy to market my business!”

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Unmasking liability: 6 signs that contractor is really your employee

In a lot of situations, hiring a contractor to get a particular job done makes perfect sense. It may require expertise or skills none of your employees has. You may only need someone for a short timeframe to clear a backlog of work. Or maybe you just want to avoid having to go through a formal recruitment process.

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Small business owners & remote workers: What the home office expense ATO crackdown means to you

Do you know the three conditions you must meet after the home office expense ATO crackdown? These are explained here - how do they affect your next claim?

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